01 - Samba Girl in Rio By Roberto Pereira
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At the forefront of Brazilian Surreal Cubist Pop Art is Roberto Pereira, a native Brazilian "carioca" who resides in a suburb of Rio de Janeiro. The award-winning painter, born in Rio in 1945, specializes in capturing the vibrant festive magic and mood of the tropics that abound in Rio. Did we mention award-winning?  From 1977 to date, Pereira has won eight gold medals, seven silver medals, three bronze medals, one first place trophy and one scholarship in art competitions in Brazil. He is represented in the prestigious annual Brazilian publication Gallery of Artes Mali Good Villas

Pereira brings his inspired style into sacred realms as well. In their own way, his sacred artworks represent a Celebration of the Spirit, too. In fact, one of his inspired visions, a 150 x 120 cm canvas, has hung in Sao Pedro's Basilica in the Vatican for many years.

Pereira expresses his Surreal Cubist Pop Art of the marvelous city of Rio in his color-filled and highly-spirited canvases. There is a burst of movement and energy and celebration in his settings.  He is doing for Rio de Janeiro what Toulouse Lautrec, Renoir and Picasso, among other worldly painters, did for capturing the lives and lifestyle of Paris ---  its cabarets, cafes, haunts and boulevards during its glorious heydays.

Today, Rio is in its new heyday and Pereira captures this in his paintings. One of his trademarks is that his characters do not ever have facial features because "they could represent any one of us."  His favorite subjects, in his unique command of atmosphere, are fabled landmarks like Copacabana Beach's mosaic sidewalks, Lapa's picturesque arches, Rio's Carnival party-people,  Corcovado's statue of Christ the Redentor; and Rio's samba rhythms, it's street musicians, it's capoeira  (the native fight-dance.) You can almost hear the music in his highly distinctive artworks! Sometimes he literally puts the music in the air. If he paints keyboards, they often soar into infinity.  No other modern Brazilian painter quite achieves what he achieves.

There is the romantic settings that surrounds his people and their devil-may-care "carioca spirit."  This is the aura he knows and paints on his vibrant canvases!

He has a collector base far beyond Ipanema and Copacabana where he is well-respected. His artworks have crossed international borders and now hang in private collections and art galleries in all five continents.